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Hereby, we're sharing handbooks that contain various games you can use with your participants at workcamps. These are usually simple methods to get to know each other, teambuilding, games to energize and motivate the groups of participants or simply to have fun.

Have a look also on the games focused on the topic of sustainability.

Selection of games and activities for international workcamps consists of name and introduction games, energizers, communication, decision-making and teamwork games, activities on intercultural understanding and learning, long-term activities, evaluation and feedback methods. The toolbox was put together by Selina-Zoe Weber, who kindly gave her consent to publish it on this website.

Games and Activities for International Workcamps

Another handbook of games for workcamps was produced by Gönüllü Hizmetler Derneği in Turkey and is in English and Turkish language. It consists of ice-breakers and team building games, but also covers some games to have fu, awareness games, creative drama games, mind games and communication games.

Camp Game Book

We're happy to have more materials in English. Do you have some? Share with us!


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