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Cookbooks for download

Being a camp leader makes you think about different responsibilities and cooking is one of them. Now you have a wonderful opportunity to find just what you need about cooking and recipes right on this page! Seasonal meals, snacks for movie nights, main and side dishes and many more you will find in the documents below. And mainly tips how to make the cooking as sustainable as possible.

English language

Cookbook with balanced plant-based food

Ideas and recipes for your Workcamp

Useful materials were also produced during a training course 'Europe à Table' by organisation Concordia, France, supported by Erasmus +. The whole webpage with info about all the outputs is here.

Sustainable Food Alternatives

Cooking recipes - Sustainable food

Responsible shopping & cooking - the guide

Grow your own food - a guide about permaculture

Czech language

Interesting links - Czech

Recipes from volunteers in Odolena Voda workcamp - Czech


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