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About the handbook

The IM-PROVE handbook is primarily focused to equip its users with simple theories and tools, how to:

  • Lead participants of their activities easily through learning reflection, so they will be able to express what they have learnt during this activity
  • Introduce and work with the IM-PROVE application quickly and easily (using it as a tool for self-reflection during the activity or after it)

This website is full of simple explanations and easy activities you can use in your activities - voluntary projects (workcamps), youth exchanges, trainings, educational workshops.

More about the handbook

Target groups of this handbook

Our primary target group are the workcamp leaders - leaders of short voluntary projects, who take care of a group of international volunteers from all over the world for 1-3 weeks. Their role is to connect the group with the local community, as well as organize activities during workcamp and reflect learning with volunteers. As workcamp leaders are usually also volunteers and often, it’s their first experience with leading such an activity, we would like to support them by this handbook, so they are able to easily understand the basics of learning in volunteering and have variety of methods to use with the participants. We believe this is the right way to strengthen the learning dimension in volunteering activities, which is becoming more and more important recently: Volunteering is for example an important added value in the CVs of young people entering the labour market.

Of course, this handbook is also useful for leaders of other types of projects, working with groups of participants - facilitators, trainers or youth workers - who work with learning reflection in their activities.

How to read this handbook:

We propose you to start with chapter 1, which covers basic understanding of the competences. These are the basic elements we focus on in volunteering activities - you learn = you develop your comeptences. That’s why it’s first important to understand what is competence and which competences are there, before you jump into doing learning reflection with the participants.

Second chapter explains, how to use one simple and useful tool for self-reflection of learning in volunteering. This application is called IM-PROVE and the chapter will help you understand, how it works and how it can help you and other volunteers in learning reflection. Also, there is explained how knowing what you learnt by volunteering can help you during job hunt.

Third chapter then builds on these two and contains simple tips and tricks on how to reflect learning.

And finally, chapter 4 summarizes activities you can do with participants on your activities and projects. They are mostly focused on how to reflect learning easily, how to explain relevant information to your participants, etc. You can download the whole chapter or each activity separately, if you need. Some of the activities are described in text, some in photos and some in videos.

You can also download the whole handbook containing all information in PDF.


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