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Motivation / group dynamics

At the beginning of each workcamp, the members of the group are trying to work out who's who and where they are in the group. Atmosphere of uncertainty, participants are usually unwilling to take responsibility for the programme.
The leader's part is to create a safe, friendly environment, with activities designed to get to know each other better, giving sufficient information about the project and find out expectations. It's the easiest way to help the group get familiar with each other and start working togehter efficiently.

These and more tips are covered in this handout, that was originally prepared for a training of workcamp leaders by trainers Lenka Kostelecka and Katerina Maresova. It will help you get familiar with what the group of participants at workcamps is going through and how to help them work together and get motivated in various stages of group dynamics.

How to motivate the volunteers handout


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